🎶You’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no… 🎶 #Munchybaby


Taco pie! My daddy has great recipes ❤️

Taco pie! My daddy has great recipes ❤️





Ooook son.

Ooook son.

whisperthosesweetwords That’s the plan!!! The breeder’s site says the puppies they’re expecting are due around the 1st, so they’d be available right around Turkey Day :D <3

Another happy

NEW LEAD ON CORGI PUPPIES! And this time we have a person to translate for us. :D

104pioneer EXACTLY why I want David to go for Sebastian. Too much bad juju with the other!

A positive note

I need a positive note right now. Today has been bad (apparently it’s been pretty sucky for a lot of people today?).

David won like $400 on a slot machine today and handed me like $450 when he walked in the door after work. Hahahaha

G names are apparently popular for everyone I know having boys right now

My cousin finally announced their son’s name and it starts with G. David’s friend from HS is due the day before me and HER son’s name starts with G. A couple people I went to school with are juggling G names for their boys.

Like whoa, now… Haha

Meanwhile, my child still hasn’t completely shown the, uh, “goods” so we can have a little more peace of mind in the gender announcement. The Dr is sure, but *I* am not. Last ultrasound they were obscured by my bellybutton and a thigh. So yeah…


We still love our #Niners, even if they lost their minds in the second half. #Munchybaby

We still love our #Niners, even if they lost their minds in the second half. #Munchybaby

Football is making me very angry today

I’m not even gonna TOUCH on my anger towards the NFL turning the game into a pansy sport. The NCAA isn’t any better. I like having a lot of SEC teams in the top 25, but when there are NINE teams with losses on that list and we’re undefeated (albeit against “easier” teams) and still basically ignored? No. Stop it. Most of the teams with losses lost to unranked teams with NO votes. Unrelated to State, but why is UGA still ranked above the Gamecocks when they literally just lost to them a couple days ago? No. Sense. Whatsoever.

We NEED to beat LSU this weekend.


The CYS site has been down all weekend and I can’t find anything from anyone else saying the same. I NEED to schedule Michael for hourly tomorrow and I don’t feel like calling to do something that I’m supposed to be able to just do online. 


Giant child

Michael ate about 1 3/4 pancakes this morning. *I* ate about 1 3/4 pancakes this morning and couldn’t finish them because I was stuffed. David had to make himself eat the last couple bites of his 2 pancakes. Tubby little booty boy… lol!

Another tagged thingy :)

If you have some time in the future play this tag game with me :)

I will start and then you can copy and paste and fill it in too!
I was tagged by millerondemand 

1. What do you like most about yourself physically? My hair… I’m very vain about it (oops)

2. What are your goals finishing out 2014? VBAC! Haha :) And getting the FRG ready to go before I can’t do much with it for a little while…

3. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Well, I’m helping host a coffee group meeting in celebration of Turkey Day, then we’ll probably have some people over for fried turkey ON Thanksgiving. :)

4. Do you celebrate Christmas? What are your plans? Absolutely! And we don’t really have any right now other than NEWBORN!!! <3

5. Have you read any books lately? Do you recommend any of them to me? I’m very sad to say no, I haven’t :’( But I always recommend GWTW and Rhett Butler’s People!

6. What’s your favorite coffee or tea? Do you like it warm? With milk, sugar? Kahlua coffee kcups with Bailey’s Mudslide creamer and a bit of sugar for coffee (hey! It’s all alcohol free…), as for tea I want it iced and sweet or get it away! Though I don’t mind herbal teas at times

7. Do you have pets? How many? What kind? What is their name (s)?
DAH WIENAH!!! Right now it’s just Scarlet, the Dachshund, but we’re still looking into a Corgi friend for her. Stupid language barrier… We’re working on it. lol

8. Can you swim? Which do you prefer Lake, ocean, or pool? I can definitely swim. I used to do swim team before I got into the wreck that hurried along my back issues :( I generally prefer a pool over the ocean or a lake- just because I like to see my feet. 

9. What is your favorite season? Spring! Most of our important birthdays are in Spring (for now) <3

10. Do you have a favorite song or band or group? What’s your favorite tune from them? Ehh… Depends on my mood, really. But my favorite song is normally “Mama, He’s Crazy” by The Judds

I tag… brittanynwilliams, cashela, and immer-meinliebe. Just cuz they’re awesome. Haha!


I was tagged by millerondemand to post my home and lock screens… I tag brittanynwilliams, 104pioneer, tmfbn, and @lifeinconstantflux