It needs to hurry up! I have so many pictures to post…

Good news I forgot to share with y’all yesterday

G flipped! I thought he had, cuz I was fairly certain it was his head that had been hitting my pelvis (and still is). SO! My dr is all good for me to try a VBAC so long as the acrobatics don’t send him the wrong way again.

While we were in the appointment, Michael got to sit on the u/s table with me. He kept lifting up his shirt and saying “Michael’s baby!” so he got the wand on his tummy and the dr printed a picture of “his baby.” You wanna talk about a proud boy. Hahahahaha! Two more weeks and we’ll see G again! <3

I like this whole ultrasound at every visit thing, too. ;)


Too bad we still don’t have internet. -_- They’re supposed to come out “on Tuesday between 1200 and 1830.” Uhh. I hope to God it’s by 4. I have to leave the house to go play FRG leader by 5 and I CAN’T miss anything. My treasurer to be needs a ride since they’re new and don’t know where things are, but at least there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Monday we should have faster internet on our phones again, so expect normal posts to resume!

Totally unrelated- but I want that pretty 70” TV. And David is playing with his stocks right now. He just bought like 15 shares in Apple and he’ll buy more next week if he decides to sell the other stock he has now. He also bought his PS4 today (finally). He couldn’t get AC4 like he wanted cuz they were sold out, but Madden should be here in a few days.

Ugh… Money.


Scarlet just got the fly she’s been chasing for days (aka the one that has escaped me every time I tried to get it).


Happy dance time!

I’d post a picture of Michael’s new shorts from letterstoaubrilynn's shop, but my internet still sucks. David txtd me a bit ago and said we for a box in from Walmart. It should be 2-3 boxes, but HEY! It's a start. *(No more ordering from Walmart)*

Now excuse me while I go scream at some of the neighborhood heathens that are hollering “DAMN” at the top of their lungs in the park right behind my yard. Disgusting lack of parenting right there.


I’m 99.999999% sure my husband has forgotten the meaning of “Michael needs to go to bed on time.”

I know he’s stuck at work late and wants to spend time with him, but *I* am the one who gets stuck dealing with the consequences.


millerondemand haha, ok! And thanks for the heads up on it screwing up my post! Idek HOW it did that o.O

theinevitableadventure I swear I’m not forgetting yours… I just don’t have the internet speed for posting pictures :(

I was tagged by whisperthosesweetwords to do this one, too :)

rules: just insert your answers to the questions below and if you’re curious about any if the answers of the person you were tagged by, send them a message asking about it. tag at least 10 followers.

name: Sara
nickname: Tawalee, Mexican, blondie, sissy
birthday: 4/27
gender: Female
sexuality: Straight 
height: 5’3
timezone: uhh… Whatever is 6 hours ahead of eastern. Lol
time and date where you are: 1918 August 26th
average hours of sleep a night: 7-9
last thing you googled: “blackberry recipes” 
most used phrase(s): “do what?” And “Michael, stop.” Haha
first word that comes to mind: cupcakes 
last thing you said to a family member: “you found your puzzle?”
place that makes me happy and why: the beach because it equals home
how many blankets do you sleep with: just the comforter- though half the time it gets kicked off in favor of just the sheet. 
favorite beverage(s): sweet tea
last movie you saw in theaters: how to train your dragon 2
what can you not live without: love
what do you plan on learning: how to make cupcakes from scratch without a recipe in front of me
piece of advice to your followers: believe in yourself. You can accomplish more than you realize. 
other blogs you have: I’m still part of mil life 101 and a few others, but I’ve been really bad about posting on them :(

I tag: (fewer than ten, oh well) theinevitableadventure memoirsofastepfordwife jessicamegan lifeinconstantflux howtomakelovestay

And anyone else who feels like it

whisperthosesweetwords tagged me to list ten random facts about me. I’m gonna try to not repeat any from previous versions, but no promises. Haha!

1) I like to find similarities between/among people in really random things. Writing is a big one.

2) I’m thinking about entering a cupcake wars competition coming up here on base. I need to look into it more, but it’s an excuse to bake a LOT of cupcakes. Plus Erica swears I’d win. Haha 3) I’m working with the slowest internet since 2000, apparently. 4) I don’t know the next time I’ll get a haircut. 5) I’m an FRG leader starting from nothing. Fun, huh? 6) I want a 70” TV and I think we’ll but the one I have in mind on Monday. 7) I taught Michael to say “Go Spurs Go” before he even knew what basketball was. 8) Most of our friends are glad that I’m culinarily inclined ;) hahaha 9) I need more shirts to cover my belly. 10) I had better stuff, but my app managed to delete 8 of them. Anyway! For the last one, my accent is way obvious and never going away. And I love it that way. Lol! I tag: wonderfulworldof-mrsb hlyhtzg messie-jelby raisinglittlehumans insanitay2 and millerondemand. Sorry if any of y’all already did it, but Michael is putting Scarlet’s stuffed bone on my head and calling me Minnie. Like the mouse. So I can’t try to play catch up yet- especially with our still slow internet.

Bs get stuff done, right?

But I didn’t have to be one today. Hahaha! Anyway, I couldn’t mail Jess her happy YESTERDAY because the post office here doesn’t have all the different envelopes and the big exchange was sold out. Rude. I checked the small exchange today and they had them (I bought 4, lol), so it’s on it’s way! I got Michael signed up for daycare, got a special appointment for tomorrow for the parent orientation and will have the hourly set up for Thursday right after that. Thank God! All that’s left is his physical and letting them know our local emergency contacts, but we have a month to get those to them. I was worried they’d end up making me have to miss the steering meeting and I just CANNOT do that. Shawn (1SG) is going with me to that since David has class all week. Speaking of David- we got to have lunch with him today :) Michael was a happy camper.

Now I’m gonna make strawberry muffins and a blackberry cobbler because why not, right? :) Munchtastic is playing in his room, so I’ll just let him be content with his way too many toys. It’s rainy outside, anyway. :P

Totally unrelated to the last post

But… I feel like I’m stuck in the perpetually bloated stage now. I swear I blimped at first, then I lost a lot of the water weight (and probably some of the extra weight based on look), and now I just look chubby until like 3 or 4pm when G decides to say, “HEY MOM! HERE’S YOUR PREGGIE BELLY!” I put on my regular jeans the other day while my maternity ones were in the wash and they still buttoned just fine. Whaaaaat even?

Also- G doesn’t like to hit the same areas Michael did. He likes to hit areas that feel awkward as all get out instead of painful (not complaining, but it’s weird). Hopefully I can take it as a sign that he’s not gonna be directionally confused… ;)


Found out this morning about a meeting I have to go to on Thursday. Problem- babysitter started school this morning, Michael isn’t enrolled in CDC yet, and *I* have an appointment Thursday morning that’s 45 minutes from the meeting.

Today I was planning on cleaning up the kitchen while Michael naps, going to the post office to send letterstoaubrilynn a happy, and then coming back here to clean more since we didn’t get anything close to finished like we planned this weekend. David can’t register Michael for us because he’s gotta do all his work for the week today that he can since he has class tomorrow-Thursday. So! Now, after nap time, I have to go drive all over creation, somehow get things printed off for this stupid crap CDC needs (wouldn’t be an issue if they’d’ve installed our internet already), then see if I can hopefully register Michael by tomorrow. First thing is first, though- post office.

Yay for wasting gas in my truck. Speaking of- there’s another to do to add to the list…

Ooohhh Da Wienah…

Scarlet is sitting here on the recliner next to me trying to eat a fly. I hate flies and this one has been bugging me for 3 days (no fly swatter and I keep forget to get one) because I can’t shoo it outside. I’m glad she hasn’t caught it, cuz that would be nasty, but I do want it gone. Lol

Nasty Pookie…

Tumblr, go home. You’re drunk.

I don’t know why it posted the cupcake picture so many times, but it’s a cupcake. I’m not deleting it. Hahaha!